As a professional business, communicating with clients using a Yahoo, Gmail or any public email service account is and may be viewed as unprofessional. This is where the use of domain emails comes in.

Depending on how big your company is, it is possible to generate multiple email addresses such as jobs@{your company}.com, info@{your company}.com and sales@{your company}.com for the various departments and also including personal employee addresses like name@{your company}.com.

On opening a website, most service providers offer web packages where you automatically get a free domain email with unlimited storage. For businesses without websites, there are also special packages that enable you to set up your domain email.

The importance of domain emails include:

Domain emails present a company as organized and professional to the customers. This is because a client is able to tell that the entity invested money and time in setting up their website and the emails thus they are to be taken seriously.

Domain names create email identity. Communication with suppliers or consumers is made easier as your company is easily recognizable just from the email address.

Domain emails still enable you to access your old emails as you can easily import your contacts and old emails to the new domain email account.