A service provider that provides storage space on a remote computer server for your website files and media is referred to as a host. All websites, therefore, require web hosting services that have to be paid so as to get storage space on the servers.

It is paramount that you choose a reputable web hosting company to avoid storage complications and website failures. Hosting is, as a result, one of the main things to be keenly planned when designing your site.

Hosting goes hand in hand with communication. All domain emails and client feedback from your contact forms are stored in the servers provided by your host.

Your website host affects the marketing for your website. This is because the better the website host, the better your results will be on the search engine.

Most importantly, your web host is your digital lifeline. If your host is down, this also means your site will be down and thus no business.

Hosting determines the downtime. This refers to times when your site in not accessible to clients, usually lasting from some seconds to several hours. A reputable host comes with minimal to zero downtime. Always being accessible to clients makes your site reputable and increases your traffic immensely.

For large sites, your host ought to be able to handle huge traffic at once without hanging or overloading the systems.

Having a great host eliminates most of all of the above issues and your website runs smoothly all the time.