This involves the use of graphics in the form of designs or visual images in the design of your website. The images can be either functional and there to pass important information to the client or simply artistic for an attractive and memorable site. Therefore images are simply included in the website design to illustrate, entertain or inform the user.

The importance of having well developed, sharp and clear images on your site includes:

Pictures have the ability to communicate better with clients than words due to the visualization effect. For new, innovative products, images help clients understand the product better and thus increased sales.

Images have a lasting emotional effect as compared to words. With a good web designer, you can use the pictures on your site to invoke emotion in users and improve your sales and business in general.

Images enable you to sell an ideal, a lifestyle or an idea without even using words. Images are generally adapted faster by the brain and therefore a prospective client is bound to reach a decision to purchase faster as compared to if they have to read long texts or imagine how the product looks.

An expressive site will keep customers coming back. This is because they are more user friendly, interesting and generally attractive.