For the promotion of your online presence, it is paramount that your website and social media go hand in hand. Therefore, by integrating your social media channels and using them correctly, the visibility of your website is increased. In the design of your site, you have the option of choosing to place social sharing buttons on the pages that have content that is shareable making it easier for visitors on your website to share them.

In your website design stage, you are also required to choose the social media platforms that would work perfectly for your business and on your site. These popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Pinterest and many others.

By sharing a wide range of content through social media, you increase the visibility of your site as different content attracts different followers and with each share, tag, like, view and retweet, you are more likely to attract more traffic to your site thus more business.

Some of the content known to attract most people includes;

Quotes and other content by famous and respected persons in the world.

Sharing innovative and creative concepts and designs

Sharing of funny images, quotes, and other content.

Sharing of valuable links and information.

Most importantly, endorsing and advertising products, services or companies.

It is therefore important to take the time to carefully design or create your content to make it as attractive as possible to get the maximum effect and benefits from your social media marketing efforts.