Self- employment is a route many Americans are taking. According to The Statistics Portal, at least 17 million Americans were self- employed during Spring of this year. Of course, the numbers are expected to rise as time goes. This shift is due to the fact that it is highly rewarding, and you get to enjoy a few expense deductions.

Additionally, self- employed individuals create jobs for others as well. According to an analysis conducted by the Pew Research center, entrepreneurs and the individuals they hired accounted for at least 45 million jobs in the year 2014 alone. This, in turn, translates well to the American economy.

The new digital age places self- employment within our reach. With numerous choices to choose from, there’s no shortage or limitation to becoming our own boss. One can work part-time from home, become a freelancer, or even start a business that suits your skills and abilities.

However, as grand as self- employment is, there are a few hurdles one faces. One hurdle that always stops potential entrepreneurs in their tracks, is the issue on Health Insurance. Once you become self- employed, your health insurance plan changes. And the change may involve an increase in the amount that you give out for your health insurance.

Yet, there are certain policies that have been underway in the bid to deal with said issue. Whereas, some policies have pulled through, creating more opportunities and coverage for the self- employed. Instead of letting this discourage you, there are some ways that you can still health insure you and your family. Let us take a look at some of them.

Healthtap To Secure Consultations

HealthTap is a secure website that allows people to get doctor consultation online at an affordable fee. Another added benefit to this is that you will not have to deal with the deductible fee for your insurance. This will allow you to save a ton of money, which is crucial for any entrepreneur.

Health Savings Account (HAS)

As the name suggests, you will have to create an account to join.The account that you create, belongs solely to you and your family. After creating an account, you can now send money to that account.

That money, however, can only be used for medical expenses and nothing else. The biggest advantage to this is that you get a tax deduction benefit. Hence, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.

The Freelancers Union

One obviously has to join the union as a member, in order to enjoy the full benefits. Joining the Union is completely free, as most groups or Unions should be. The Freelancers Union work towards lowering health insurance cost for individuals.

The costs they offer are reportedly lower than the market price. However, it is important to note that the prices differ according to the state you live in.

eHealth Insurance

Thanks to the implementation of certain health insurance policies, as well as well as the digital era, we can access many online healthcare opportunities. One great opportunity is the eHealth Insurance that is available online.

Of course, the rates differ and depend on the state that you currently reside in. Plus, the composition of your family and your health status also determines the cost.

The National Association of the Self- Employed (NASE)

This non- profit organization has been around for a long time. It works to provide and protect useful resources that are important and limited to the self- employed. It is said to work with at least 90, 000 or more individuals, across the United States.

Given the fact that it is difficult to find credible Associations, this one is legal and trustworthy. Apart from other numerous benefits that they offer, they provide cost- friendly health insurance. Please note that the cost will be dictated by the state you live in.

National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU)

This association is similar to the National Association of the Self- Employed (NASE) in terms of what they offer. Reportedly, they deal with a high number of business owners across the state.

This organization connects you to an agent near your area. The agent will hence, help you create a plan that is suitable for you, your family and current situation. The plan should help you save a ton of money, as well as ensure that you enjoy tax-deductible benefits.

In conclusion, there are numerous health insurance opportunities for self- employed individuals. So, if you are considering trotting down the road of self- employment, there are options that you can work with. You can still gain financial freedom while ensuring that you and your family are covered at an affordable rate.

There are more opportunities made available such as Telemedicine services, go health, and Health Insurance exchange plans just to name a few. Of course, before joining any association or group, ensure that they are a credible and legit organization.

It is, however; important to remember that the cost of health insurance is dictated by the state you live in, the composition of your family, and your health status. So, go ahead, put your mind at ease by joining any of the above associations, and enjoy the full benefits that they have to offer.