Unless you’re not interested in growing your brand, small businesses owners, careful about SEO need to build a website for their business. Website design for your business is the easiest way to make your brand these days with the increased access to the virtual world and online activity. Moreover, designing a website costs you less, and you don’t have to be a techie or programmer to create a website. Additionally, your website won’t be restricted to business hours, and you get to advertise for free.

Small businesses website also add value to potential customers

Website design with its low price leaves you with no excuse to not have an SEO website for your business. Aside from selling goods and services expanding your business, it also adds value to customers.

I have outlined some of the reasons why every business needs a website:

Your customers expect it

Small businesses are expected to showcase their brand by providing online content about their business. More than half of a business customer head straight online and look at product information before purchasing if they like what they see on your website. To prevent your techsavvy customer from looking elsewhere and retaining clients, then you must invest in website design.

It provides social proof

With the advent of social media, 99% of consumers do concur that online reviews influence their purchasing decision. It’s because of this most businesses have a review section on their websites. If your business has an SEO website, it offers social proof to your consumers which in turn will convert them into clients. Including customer testimonials to your website is a great way to draw in potential customers and impress them.

More bang for your buck

If during website design, you use a free website-building tool, like WordPress, your business position reaches thousands of people who will soon become potential customers. Mind you; you’ll be using far less than printing out brochures or sending out traditional mail.

You don’t need to be a certified programmer

Furthermore, using free website design tools like WordPress doesn’t need you to take up an IT course or be a techie. Anyone with internet access can log onto WordPress and build a website in thirty minutes or so.

Your competitors all have company websites

As stated earlier, most online purchasers rely on reviews to procure goods and services. They research extensively and acquire recommendations from peers and social network connections alike.

Thus, you need to stay in line with your competition by having a website designed for your business however small. Lest you risk losing your potential and existing customers.

No need for ‘closed for business’ signs

Indeed no one likes to work at 2 a.m. However, there sure are some people who love to shop at that time. Having a business website means you can sell 24/7, not just the usual 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In addition, having an online presence will boost your sales from geographically distant customers and also support marketing campaigns, brand recognition, build client relationship and further increase your net business worth.

Organic Traffic

Most small businesses out there strive to gain potential customers, and they can do so by increasing organic traffic from their websites. Organic traffic is defined as visitors from a search engine into your business website. Organic traffic gives additional data into the actual search phrase. It directly deals with SEO, therefore, the better you are ranking for competitive keywords, the more organic traffic you’ll receive.

This is noted from websites that regularly blog or have a blog section on their website have a steady increase in organic traffic and in addition, improved positioning in the search results. The marketers must look for and identify keywords that rank top every month to remain in the first pages of search engines. All this is realized from one’s blogging efforts.

Benefits of Organic SEO Search Traffic

Indeed we do acknowledge that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has its role to play in a business success. However, unpaid, organic search traffic has more value. Here’s why I think so:

Cost. This is the most obvious reason and benefit to include organic traffic. Cost advantage regarding advertising is never heard of, PPC does guarantee to put your link in front of site visitors but at a substantial cost. After implementing proper SEO principles, the cost per click for your organic traffic is zero. This gives you an edge over those stuck in tricky PPC universe.

Credibility. Credibility is one of the main reasons why implementing organic traffic is ideal. Most internet users know that companies pay out to be the top, they see how the game is played. Therefore, companies that are ahead in the market and are credible are most likely organic “trafficked.” To solidify your company’s online reputation, you need to target organic traffic and your website design.

Competition. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that, if organic search traffic is pursued aggressively, it can effectively block your competitors’ online presence. Therefore invest more in improving organic search traffic, this will push your competitors down the list naturally.

Combined Approach. The diversity of internet users is something to tap into as well. Therefore, while some access sites through search engines, others click on paid ads. Thus, a wise business will incorporate both. Introduce a combined approach to come out as a coherent online strategy.