When you want to advertise your brand fully you need a platform that will let you reach out to your clients and other potential customers without any restrictions. Having a good brand will communicate your company or product idea, hence it requires you to do the branding properly, which can be accessed when you are online or offline. Your online branding is what people get to see and know more about you even when you are not online. With the advancement of technology, more people are spending more time on the internet looking for products, brands, and companies before making major purchasing decisions. They will also look upon individuals who are associated with companies that they are considering buying services or products from.

In order for your brand to succeed online, it needs to be highly recognizable, authentic and relatable so as to set it apart from the competition. Credibility is increased when there is high visibility and customers will be willing to retain your products or services. Initially using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were commonly used and were the best to build your brand because most people spend most of the time there but this has changed in the recent past. This is because they limit your online presence just because you don’t have full control because they are owned by third parties. This has made people build their own websites to fully use their brands.

Having a website is the best way out because it allows you to fully use your brand without following rules of the third party. It gives you the opportunity to help people understand who you are, what you do and how you can help them. You don’t need to have a robust one, but you can start out by getting a free and simple two or three-page site where you can give a brief bio about yourself and brand, your resume and give a link to other social platforms. With time you can expand the website as you grow your brand.

Having a website means that you totally own it because you get to purchase one and register it under YourName.com and you get to do personal branding. Personal branding is the process where an entrepreneur, you get to differentiate yourself and stand out from a crowd either a company or an individual.

The benefits that come with having your own website to build your brand include:

You have full control of what you need to be featured and how it should look like so that it looks uniquely yours. In social media platforms, you can write unique content, but it has to follow their layout which may not be appealing to you. You are also not limited to do anything on your website unlike in social platforms where you have to abide by the terms and conditions of what content or promotion to present.

When you write any information in platforms owned by the third party, is likely that it will appear next to information that has no link to your brand. Most people tend to focus on something that interests them more than your post or they will just skip it. Using a website allows you to control the conversation that is happening around your brand, hence it will cultivate an audience that is receptive to the content you post.

Through a website, you are able to give a better first impression of yourself because you give all the required information without restriction of words, unlike other social platforms which have limited words to post. It can also help you to demonstrate your knowledge, professionalism, and ability to tackle customers’ needs and problems and find solutions.

Having a personal website means that you will be ranking your name on the search engines so that when people search your name in Google or Bing, your website will show up in the search results and this will make them click on the link. You get full control of what information you want to post and how you want it done when using a website unlike using Twitter or Facebook.

You are able to become a better manager of your online reputation, as it gives you the opportunity to set the record straight for the information you give. Using a website, it becomes easier for you to leverage yourself as an expert in the industry through the content you give in your blog posts.

Websites have a solid foundation, unlike the social platforms where they are a hit for some time and then they get to disappear after a short while. A website will stay relevant as long as you regularly update and use it well to serve the purpose.

When you have a website you also own the data of the fans who visit your page unlike in Facebook where the fans who like your page are owned by Facebook. When you own your data you are able to target your content better and also have a chance of your information going viral than in third party platforms.

A website has more space where you can easily market your brand through videos, blogs, customer reviews and special promotional offers. This is very easy and more efficient, unlike in social platforms where the amount of space may not be enough for everything you need to communicate with or sell to your customer.

Continuously updating your blog with new information and engaging with your current and prospective customers is a must for the website to grow and have more regular visitors which relates to increased traffic. Your online presence and working towards getting traffic to your website is important in fully using your brand and its success.